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Why Ventilation from OMNIE?

Saves Energy

The transfer of energy from the outgoing stale humid air to the incoming fresh air reduces the need for the heating system to re-heat the air. This saves energy and lowers the running cost of the heating system.


Fresh air can be introduced and humidity levels controlled without the need to open windows and compromise security

Low Noise Levels

Extractor fans in bathrooms can be noisy. An MVHR system is much quieter as the fans in a heat recovery unit are placed centrally, in an insulated box and usually away from the living space.

Better Air Quality

The air quality is improved by removing stale damp air from bathrooms and introducing filtered fresh air in living areas.

How it works

1. Supply of Fresh Air

Fresh air is fed into the system via an external wall vent. The fresh outside air can optionally flow through a sub-soil heat exchanger beforehand which uses geothermal energy to pre-temper the outside air.

2. Ventilation Unit

Up to 96% of the heat is recovered from the extract air and transferred to the fresh air. This can be humidified, dehumidified, heated and cooled using optional components.

3. Air Distribution

The air distribution system channels fresh air at the right temperature to individual rooms as needed and vents the extract air to the outside. The air volume can be individually adjusted for each room.

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