UltraLow Technology – OMNIE

UltraLow. Our thinnest panels ever, some are even thinner than a five pence piece.

Retrofit? No problem. Minimum build up. Minimum fuss.

Our unique UltraLow technology means that our products have a very low build up (from 15mm panel thickness) without any loss of performance.

UltraLow technology also maintains the rigidity of the panel (where applicable) making sure the panel is still easy to lay.

Products with UltraLow technology are ideal for retrofit projects or where it is impractical or expensive to lift or replace the existing floor deck. With such thin panels, UltraLow products can be installed in almost any existing building.

UltraLow is also available with both DrySystem and LayFast technologies, meaning an easy to install, super thin panel with no need for wet screeds or infills.