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Take control with OMNIE touch

High performance controls specifically developed by OMNIE for underfloor heating systems.
*Available mid 2018

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Personalise your heating with ease and precision.

Our new state of the art controls, allow you to take control of your home heating, wherever you may be. Using innovative wi-fi technology, our new Touch system can control as many heating zones as you need, allowing for different temperatures in different rooms throughout the home. Furthermore, Touch can control and organise heating zones into floors, spaces and even different homes, all from our new Touch app.

Touch. Home heating made better.

Latest in Product Design
Program heating & hot water
Up to 64 zones
Organise zones into floors, spaces and even homes
4" capacitive touchscreen
Mains Powered
Uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Optional Remote Temperature Sensor

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The Touch is only 10mm deep and thinner than a lightswitch. Its futuristic profile combines a sleek and innovative 4 inch full colour touchscreen, complete with built in temperature sensor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It’s optional, remote temperature sensor allows the Touch to be positioned in a convenient location, whilst the remote sensor measures the temperature in a more suitable location. A perfect solution where Touch may be positioned in the hallway, but the sensor is measuring the temperature in the main living space.

Furthermore, press a button and the remote sensor can be easily setup to create a partner temperature zone, ideal for rooms such as an en-suite or wetroom.

*Available mid 2018

OMNIE Remote

Adding Remote to Touch has two optional configurations;

- Use Remote to measure temperature from a different location near to Touch. Touch could be placed in the hallway but the temperature is measured from the space you spend time in such as a nearby room.

- Use Remote to enable and measure the temperature for two partner zones, such as a bedroom and adjoining en-suite. Remote measures the temperature of the partner zone and both zones appear on the Touch.

*Available mid 2018

Touch App

Login to the Touch app from anywhere - using the app, you can group together each Touch smart thermostat into bigger zones, or even floors, go further to group the Touch zones into buildings, such as your main residence and holiday home.

The Touch app allows you to control each zone, whilst also allowing convenient setting of heating programs, holiday modes and even global programs across many zones at once. The Touch app can even send you notifications about your home temperature, such as if it gets too warm or too cold.

*Available mid 2018

OMNIE Touch Lite

The OMNIE Touch Lite provides full 7-day programmable room control.

The underfloor heating can be programmed for separate days of the week via the large monochrome screen. The programmable thermostat is also full of other useful features to control your heating system, like the preheat function to ensure that the required temperature has already been reached when you get up in the morning or come home from work.

The discreet thermostat fits into a standard back box and is powered by a permanent 230V mains supply. Each thermostat comes with an optional floor sensor. The floor sensor can be activated to limit the floor temperature where this is required.