Our Torfloor Range is the best in underfloor heating for timber floors. Torfloor Suspended is a combined floor deck and underfloor heating system for suspended floors.

For suspended Floor Types
Floor deck and heating system is combined in a singular panel.
Independently tested at BSRIA for guaranteed performance
Easy to install thanks to tongue & groove panels and unique serpentine channel pattern
Torfloor is a TRADA tested structural deck system for complete assurance and peace of mind

Combined floor deck and underfloor heating system for suspended floors.

Why TorFloor?

  • TorFloor replaces the traditional floor deck
  • Multi-directional panels are easy to order and install
  • Excellent heat output and fast warm up time

TorFloor is the only independently tested structural underfloor heating panel. The multi-directional 22mm panels are laid directly onto the joists, replacing the need for traditional floor decks and making ordering and installation easy. A 6mm ply covering layer is then glued and screwed to the TorFloor panels to complete the floor.

Excellent Underfloor Heating Performance

The TorFloor underfloor heating panels come with pre-installed aluminium diffusers which increases the heat output and energy efficiency compared to other systems. To further maximise heat ouput whilst also reducing the flow temperature, the pipe is designed to fit as close to the floor finish as possible. The TorFloor system is optimised to work in conjunction with heat pumps.

Simple Installation

Manufactured from flooring grade chipboard or plywood, TorFloor replaces the conventional floor deck. TorFloor panels are laid on the joists, and the pipe is installed into the foiled channels. The ends of each circuit can either drop into the joist space to be connected to a common 12mm flow & return or, if access permits, the system can be installed as a continuous system by feeding the 12mm pipe through the joist space.

Use TorFloor – for Suspended Floors in your next project


Last Updated: 10th August 2017

TorFloor panels are manufactured from flooring grade chipboard or plywood. The pre-machined panels are routed with a unique pattern to accept OMNIE pipe and factory fitted with foil diffusers. The design of the panel makes it suitable as a structural floor deck. The panels are laid and fixed onto the joists in the same way as a normal chipboard floor.

The pipe is installed into the grooves with the ends of the circuit dropping into the joist space to then continue to the manifold. A 6mm ply covering layer is then glued and screwed to the TorFloor panels to complete the structural floor.

OMNIE TorFloor with 22mm moisture resistant plywood or chipboard routed at 150mm centres to accept 12mm PE-RT pipe to DIN 4726 and factory fitted aluminium heat diffuser strips to be laid over a joisted floor. In order to form a structural deck a 6mm ply or floor deck is to be glued and screwed over. The system to be designed, installed and commissioned to BS1264.

TorFloor products can be customised to your requirements if you have a large installation or multiple properties.

Panel Thickness
22mm (+6mm ply)

Suitable For
Suspended Timber Floors
Low temperature heat sources such as heat pumps

Weight with Water
18.9kg/m2 (inc 6mm ply)

Panel Dimensions
2400mm x 600mm

12mm PE-RT to DIN 4726

Pipe Centres
STANDARD: 150mm using 12mm pipe
NEW BUILD: 200mm using 12mm pipe

NEW: Tilemaster Adhesives
Tile the floor with confidence thanks to our new partnership with Tilemaster Adhesives. Torfloor Suspended can now be used with a unique set of adhesives that allows for the floor to be tiled whilst retaining complete finish integrity and heating performance.

Torfloor Suspended has been independently tested at BSRIA

Torfloor is a TRADA tested structural deck system

Floor Finish

Flow and Return Water Temperature (°C)





Tile Finish (0.01m²K/W)

86 W/m²

72 W/m²

59 W/m²

45 W/m²

15mm Wood Finish (0.1m²K/W)

76 W/m²

63 W/m²

51 W/m²

39 W/m²

Carpet & Underlay (0.15 m²K/W)

72 W/m²

60 W/m²

49 W/m²

37 W/m²

Based on 12mm PE-RT pipe at 150mm centres with 6mm ply installed over (12mm ply for tiles). Air Temperature = 20°C. 0.15 m²K/W = 1.5 TOG.

Heat outputs are dependent on the water temperature, floor construction, system dimensioning, floor finish & design conditions. Contact us for advice and information.

Specify Torfloor Suspended

To discuss your specification requirements with us please contact your local business development manager by clicking here.

Technical information is included in the datasheet which can be downloaded directly below;

DS-UFH-04 Torfloor Suspended Datasheet
IG-UFH-04 Torfloor Suspended Install Guide


TorFloor Suspended qualifies for OMNIE’s rapid delivery service. For orders under 150m2 which are received (and bill of materials approved by you) before midday, your products will be with you the very next working morning. Click here for more details.

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