Floor and heating system in one

For acoustic Floor Types

Product Description

Why TorFloor RdB?

  • Flooring, heating and acoustic insulation combined
  • Multi-directional panels are easy to order and install
  • Superior heat output compared to the competition
  • Perfect for suspended floors needing to improve acoustic insulation


Structural floor and heating system in one.

The TorFloor underfloor heating system is manufactured from flooring grade chipboard or plywood and replaces the floor deck used in the construction. The panels are laid and fixed onto the battens in the same way as a normal chipboard floor and a 6mm ply covering layer is then attached to complete the floor.

Acoustic insulation and vibration reduction.

The TorFloor RdB underfloor heating system is in principle the same as the standard TorFloor system. However, the two additional layers bonded to the underside are designed to reduce vibration and attenuate airborne and impact noise passing through floors. This makes the TorFloor RdB system the perfect underfloor heating solution for first floor new build and renovation projects.

Improved Performance and Heat Output

TorFloor underfloor heating panels are provided with pre-installed aluminium diffusers which improves the heat output and eneregy efficiency compared to other systems. The pipes within the panel are designed to fit as close to the floor finish as possible which further maximises the heat output of the panels whilst minimising the temperature of the water being used. The TorFloor underfloor heating system is optimised to work in conjunction with heat pumps as the flow temperature is lower than others.


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Last Updated: 24th November 2016

OMNIE TorFloor RdB system with a total build up of 39mm consists of an acoustic layer and 22mm moisture resistant plywood or chipboard routed to accept 12mm PE-RT pipe to DIN 4726 at 150mm centres and factory fitted aluminium heat diffuser strips to be laid over joisted or battened floor up to 600mm centres. In order to form a structural deck a 6mm ply or floor deck is to be glued and screwed over. The system to be designed, installed and commissioned to BS1264.

Panel thickness
39mm (+6mm ply layer)

Panel Dimensions
2400mm x 600mm

12mm PE-RT to DIN 4726

Pipe Centres

Floor Finish
Flow and Return Water Temperature (°C)
55/48 50/43 45/38 40/33
Tile Finish (0.01m²K/W) 86 W/m² 72 W/m² 59 W/m² 45 W/m²
15mm Wood Finish (0.1m²K/W) 76 W/m² 63 W/m² 51 W/m² 39 W/m²
Carpet & Underlay
(0.15 m²K/W)
72 W/m² 60 W/m² 49 W/m² 37 W/m²


Based on 12mm PE-RT pipe at 150mm centres with 6mm ply installed over (12mm ply for tiles). Air Temperature = 20°C. 0.15 m²K/W = 1.5 TOG.

Heat outputs are dependent on the water temperature, floor construction, system dimensioning, floor finish & design conditions. Contact us for advice and information.

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