Product Details

Key Features:

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Integrated hydraulics
  • SWC 120S & SWC 140S MCS approved
  • Quiet
  • Integrated controller

The SWC is a “compact” heat pump range that includes all the necessary hydraulic components for the heating and hot water system that would normally be installed along side the heat pump. These include the heating and brine circulators (including ball valves), backup electric heater, integrated brine expansion vessel and brine circuit pressure gauge, air vent and safety valve. Our ground source heat pumps come with all the necessary ground array pipe work, manifolds and brine mix.

The SWC 120S and SWC 140S are MCS approved ground source heat pumps. The units are extremely quiet at 45 dB(A)@1m and have high efficiencies.

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Last Updated: 25th January 2017

Heat Output (kW)
SWC 120s – 11.7
SWC 140s – 14.5

Sound dB(A)@1m


SWC 120s – 4.6
SWC 140s – 4.4

Dimensions (mm) – L xD x H
120s – 1320 x 505 930
140s – 1320 x 505 930

Weight (kg)

Energy rating

SWC 120 & 140 / 35 & 55 Degrees Celsius


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