Quick, flexible and simple method of installing UFH in a screed floor

For screeded Floor Types

Product Description

Why Staples?

  • Simple to install
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for all screed floors


For fixing pipe to insulation

The staple system provides a quick, flexible and simple method of installing underfloor heating in a screed floor. The pipe is easily held using staples. The staples have a barbed end which fixes into the insulation.

To speed up the process further, a pipe stapler is available making installation even easier and faster. In preparation for certain screeds & polythene sheet/membrane may be required over the insulation prior to stapling the pipe. Please seek advice from insulation and screeding manufacturer’s/suppliers.


Use Staple in your next project


Last Updated: 7th August 2017

OMNIE Staple system using 16.5mm PE-RT pipe to DIN 4726 fixed using staples. Expansion foam to be installed around the perimeter of the room. The system to be designed, installed and commissioned to BS1264.

16.5mm PE-RT to DIN 4726

Pipe Centres


Standard sand/cement screed of 65/75mm or a specialist thinner anhydrite or liquid screed (confirmation of thickness to be sought by screed supplier).

Floor Finish

Flow and Return Water Temperature (°C)





Tile Finish (0.01m²K/W)

150 W/m²

126 W/m²

102 W/m²

78 W/m²

15mm Wood Finish (0.1m²K/W)

105 W/m²

88 W/m²

71 W/m²

54 W/m²

Carpet & Underlay (0.15 m²K/W)

88 W/m²

74 W/m²

60 W/m²

46 W/m²

Based on 16.5mm PE-RT pipe at 150mm centres with 65mm sand/cement screed laid over. Air Temperature = 20°C. 0.15 m²K/W = 1.5 TOG.

Heat outputs are dependent on the water temperature, floor construction, system dimensioning, floor finish & design conditions. Contact us for advice and information.


Staples qualify for OMNIE’s rapid delivery service. For orders under 150m2 which are received (and bill of materials approved by you) before midday, your products will be with you the very next working morning. Click here for more details.

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