Product Description

Key Features:

  • X models have corrosion protection coating
  • Heating/cooling units available
  • LWD 70A/SX MCS approved
  • Operates up to 70 Degrees Celsius
  • Very quiet

The LWD is the latest in heat pump technology. With a heat output of 6.8 and 9.3, along with a CoP of 4.46 and 4.24, the two LWD units available offer the ideal renewable heating solution.

The 230V heat pump is mounted externally with an internal hydraulic module that contains the expansion vessel, back up heater, heating circulator and safety module. The LWD is extremely quiet at only 45dB (A) 1m and has impressive efficiencies even at low outside air temperatures.

All of the MCS approved domestic heat pumps available from OMNIE have corrosion protection on the fins, an important feature in a maritime climate such as the UK.

If two LWD heat pumps are needed in cascade the internal HMD hydraulic module is able to provide the necessary control for both heat pumps.


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Last Updated: 25th January 2017

LWD 50A/SX Heat Output (kW)
LWD 70A/SX Heat Output (kW)

Sound for both units dB(A)@1m

Weight (kg)
LWD 50A/SX – 146
LWD 70A/SX – 151

LWD 50A/SX – 4.46
LWD 70A/SX – 4.24

Dimensions (mm) L x D x H
LWD 50A/SX – 1320 x 505 x 930
LWD 70A/SX – 1320 x 505 x 930

Heating Circuit – Degrees Celsius
LWD 50A/SX – 20 to 70
LWD 70A/SX – 20 to 70

Heating Source – Degrees Celsius
LWD 50A/SX –  -20 to 35
LWD 70A/SX –  -20 to 35

Energy Rating 50A/SX

55 Degree Celsius


35 Degree Celsius



Energy Rating 70A/SX

55 Degree Celsius


35 Degree Celsius


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