Low build-up with integrated acoustic insulation

For lowbuild Floor Types

Product Description

Why LowBoard® RdB?

  • Perfect for heat pumps
  • Multi-directional pipe channels
  • Low build-up/ perfect for retrofit


Low build-up floating underfloor heating system with integrated acoustic insulation

The LowBoard® RdB provides a low build up acoustic solution designed to dampen vibration and attenuate impact and airborne sound passing through floors with minimum loss of room height. The system can be laid on solid or timber floors with the acoustic felt on the underside which is able to contour over minor irregularities. The panels are supplied with joint adhesive, isolation Strip and acoustic sealant.

The LowBoard® RdB tounge & groove panel comprises of a 15mm moisture resistant high-density wood board combined with 4mm fibreboard separated by sound damping strips with a resilient layer of acoustic felt adhered to the underside. As per our standard LowBoard®15 product the wood board layer has grooves routed to accept 12mm pipe and an aluminium layer bonded to it that acts to spread the heat into the floor.


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Last Updated: 13th September 2017

Panel thickness

Weight with water
14 kg/m²

12mm PE-RT to DIN 4726

Pipe Centres
STANDARD: 150mm using 12mm pipe
NEW BUILD: 200mm using 12mm pipe

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