Heat Pumps – OMNIE

Running costs matter. Why compromise?

Heat pumps are the perfect partner for OMNIE underfloor heating, saving energy and being better for the environment.

Which Heat Pump system is best for your project?

Air Source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps take energy from the air

Our Low GWP, LWD range of Air Source Heat Pumps are available in 5kW and 7kW models with the 9kW LWDV91 modulating version available mid 2018.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps use pipes buried in the earth to take energy from the ground

Our range of Ground Source Heat Pumps featuring flexible, compact and commercial ranges.

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Why use OMNIE heat pumps?

Remote Access

Once a heat pump is connected to the Internet we provide, as standard, free access to the AlphaWeb portal. This enables the end-user to interact with the heat pump whilst away from the home or office, as well as providing diagnostic information to the installer or us at OMNIE. The AlphaApp allows quick access to settings and information via a smart phone or tablet either at home or away.

Servicing & Support

Every heat pump sold is individually inspected, started and commissioned after installation by an Omnie engineer before being signed off. In addition, we have a range of service and maintenance packages with Gold service free for the first year.

Quality Engineering

The heat pumps we supply are manufactured in Germany by Alpha-Innotec and are exclusively available to OMNIE. Alpha-Innotec heat pumps have a reputation for high standards of engineering performance making efficient and durable heat pumps.


OMNIE have an experienced technical team who are on hand to provide comprehensive technical support, ensuring that the heat pump meets the project requirements.

Don’t forget your Heat Pump Controls

Heat Pump Controls

One controller for all units

A single heat pump control panel allows you to ensure that you feel comfortable at all times. Once you’ve set up your required temperatures and settings, the heat pump will run automatically.

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