Fast to install, maximise heat output

For batten Floor Types

Product Description

Why FoilBoard?

  • Fully foiled layer maximises heat output
  • High grade insulation increases energy efficiency
  • Faster to install than traditional insulation panels thanks to multi-directional channels
  • Completely silent on warm up and cool down

Integrated insulation & heating panel for timber floors

Our FoilBoard system can be laid between timber battens at 400 or 600mm centres.

The universal FoilBoard panels are manufactured from XPS insulation with pre-bonded soft temper aluminium. As no thick rigid plates are used the panels can be easily trimmed on site. The panels are designed so that when a floor deck is laid over and fixed to the battens of the same depth they will be in direct contact with the heat diffuser, ensuring good thermal transfer.

The nature of the FoilBoard panel to transfer heat efficiently increases performance by over 30% compared to systems that rely on air and do not use heat diffusers. Once the panels are in place the pipe is pressed into the channels piercing the foil diffuser and fitted into the notches where the pipe passes between battens.

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Last Updated: 13th September 2017

OMNIE Foilboard Batten system using 12mm PE-RT to DIN 4726 pipe installed into FoilBoard panels comprising of XPS expandedpolystyrene insulation with pre-bonded heat diffusers to be installed between battens at 400/600mm centres. Floor deck to be laid and fixed over. The system to be designed, installed and commissioned to BS1264.

Panel thickness

Panel Dimensions
Battens at 400mm centres – 1200 x 345mm
Battens at 600mm centres – 1200 x 545mm

1.5 kg/m2(50mm)

12mm PE-RT to DIN 4726

Pipe Centres

Floor Finish

Flow and Return Water Temperature (°C)





Tile Finish (0.01m²K/W)

84 W/m²

70 W/m²

57 W/m²

43 W/m²

15mm Wood Finish (0.1m²K/W)

67 W/m²

57 W/m²

46 W/m²

35 W/m²

22mm Wood Finish (0.14m²K/W)

90 W/m²

75 W/m²

61 W/m²

46 W/m²

Carpet & Underlay (0.15 m²K/W)

61 W/m²

51 W/m²

41 W/m²

31 W/m²

Based on 12mm PE-RT pipe at 133mm centres with 22mm chipboard laid under 15mm wood & carpet and underlay, and 22mm plywood laid under tiles. Air Temperature = 20°C. 0.15 m²K/W = 1.5 TOG.

Heat outputs are dependent on the water temperature, floor construction, system dimensioning, floor finish & design conditions. Contact us for advice and information.


Certain FoilBoard Batten products qualify for OMNIE’s rapid delivery service. For orders under 133m2 which are received (and bill of materials approved by you) before midday, your products will be with you the very next working morning. Click here for more details.

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