Flexible, holistic & intuitive.

Introducing the OMNIE control system. Effective controls are essential in creating a comfortable living and working environment.

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Why OMNIE Controls?

OMNIE controls don’t just give you the power to control your whole house environment, but also accurately adjust the temperature in each room. To do this the controls not only have to be accurate but easy to use.

The OMNIE system is flexible, holistic and intuitive. It can accurately control the room temperature, program the hot water system and change the ventilation demand through one central touch-screen interface, the Control Hub.


OMNIE network controls use a simple, intuitive, central touchscreen display where changes can be easily made to the home comfort settings.


The ventilation, heating and hot water are all controlled by a single system eliminating the complication and possible conflict of separate control systems.


The OMNIE control app provides remote access to the heating system on your smartphone giving you even more flexibility in how your home is controlled.

Network Controls

Providing complete control for your whole house system, OMNIE network controls keeps everything working to keep your house comfortable and efficient all year round.

Incorporating both a stylish touch-screen Control Hub as well as mobile phone application, network controls give you the power to program settings for every component of your system.

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