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Ceiling & Wall Cooling

Cool water can be used in the underfloor heating system or in a ceiling system to provide room cooling as an alternative to air conditioning. This is called Surface Cooling.

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Low energy alternative to air-conditioning

Cool, not cold

Chilled water is provided by either a ground source or air source heat pump. A surface cooling system uses water at a higher temperature than that needed by an air conditioning system.

More comfort

Air conditioning units can create extreme changes in temperature and produce discomfort for those closest to them.

Energy transfer

A surface cooling system, like underfloor heating, is a radiant system. The absorbing surface - a floor, wall or ceiling - is cooled to a temperature lower than the items and occupants within a room.

Free Cooling

If a ground source heat pump is installed for heating, the water can be simply cooled by using the ground loops, without using the heat pump

Surface cooling using OMNIE TorFloor