About us – OMNIE

About us

OMNIE is a Timoleon brand.


Timoleon is a manufacturing and technology business that specialises in the built and indoor environment. Our products focus around creating the best indoor environmental conditions for the least possible long term cost, both financially and environmentally.

The OMNIE brand provides our customers with unique expertise across underfloor heating and surface cooling, heat pumps, ventilation and controls. Our systems are designed to work together both independently and in total harmony, therefore creating what we call ‘The Whole House System’.

OMNIE Underfloor Heating is the best performing underfloor heating on the market with the majority of products independently tested at BSRIA for fast warm up times and high heat output. Furthermore, we design and manufacture our products at our own facility in the UK.

OMNIE specialises in underfloor heating for timber floors, having designed unique and innovative products to satisfy all UK constructions including acoustic and complex floor constructions found in apartments. Our products are unrivalled in performance and a number of products are certified for use as structural floor decks, further reducing cost and installation time.

All our panel products benefit from a unique pipe channel pattern. This pattern significantly speeds up installation time and allows our underfloor heating panels to be laid as if they are a conventional floor deck.

You can find out more about Timoleon at www.timoleon.co.uk