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By integrating heating, control and ventilation technologies, OMNIE systems simplify design and installation, improve home comfort, reduce running costs and are more environmentally friendly.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is considered the most comfortable and energy efficient form of heating. That’s because the feeling we get from the radiant heat produced by an OMNIE underfloor heating system is similar to that we get from the sun.

  • TorFloor

    TorFloor panels are manufactured from flooring grade chipboard or plywood. The pre-machined panels are routed with a unique pattern to accept OMNIE pipe. The design of the panel makes it suitable as a structural floor deck.

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    The LowBoard panel enables underfloor heating to be installed where there is minimal height available to build up the floor. The total height of the panel is just 15mm. The LowBoard panel is a high density wood board with grooves routed to accept the 12mm pipe.

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    The staple system provides a quick, flexible and simple method of installing underfloor heating in a screed floor. The pipe is easily held using staples. The staples have a barbed end which fixes into the insulation.

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    Integrated controls are essential in creating the ideal comfort conditions throughout the home. Good controls need little interaction but when changes need to be made the interface should be intuitive and straightforward.

  • ControlHub

    The stylish all-in-one touch-screen allows complete control from one simple interface. The OMNIE Control hub can control the room temperature, program the hot water system and change the ventilation demand through one central
    touch-screen interface.

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    OMNIE sensors are installed instead of thermostats in each room. The programming for the heating system is done from the Control Hub. The sensor is very discreet and can be sited anywhere in the room, provided it is not in direct sunlight, covered or near a heat source.

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    OMNIE App

    We recognise that our customers may want to take complete control of the house and dedicate different levels of heat to multiple rooms at any given time.

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    Heat Pumps

    Heat pumps reduce running costs and carbon footprint. Heat pumps also provide the perfect partner for OMNIE’s high performance underfloor heating products.

  • LWD Air Source

    The LWD is the latest in heat pump technology. The 230V heat pump is mounted externally with an internal hydraulic module that contains the expansion vessel, back up heater, heating circulator and safety module.

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    SWC Ground Source

    The SWC is a “compact” heat pump range that includes all the necessary hydraulic components for the heating and hot water system that would normally be installed along side the heat pump.

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    SWP Ground Source

    The SWP range are larger ground source heat pumps. The largest unit is 160kW however it is possible for 4 units to be installed in cascade using the Lux controller providing a total capacity of upto 640kW.

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    Comfort Cooling

    When cooling is needed surface cooling provides a low energy alternative to air conditioning. Chilling a floor or ceiling provides some comfort cooling without forced cold air and draughts.

  • OMNIE Controls

    OMNIE controls can accurately control the room temperature, program the hot water system and change the ventilation demand through one central touch-screen interface.

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    This is called Surface Cooling. The pipe is installed into the grooves with the ends of the circuit dropping into the joist space to then continue to the manifold.

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    View FoilBoard

    FoilBoard Batten is an insulated underfloor heating panel installed between battens.The panels are manufactured from XPS insulation with a pre-bonded soft temper aluminium heat diffuser, making the panel easy to trim on site.

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    Ventilation and Heat Recovery

    Controlled mechanical ventilation with energy recovery removes stale air and replaces it with prewarmed fresh air creating a healthier environment.

  • CA350

    The CA350 and CA550 MVHR units are larger than the OMNIE Compact models and are normally installed in a large loft space or in a plant room. The connecting ductwork then runs throughout the home. This unit is perfect for larger homes where an increased ventilation rate is required.

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    Compact Unit

    The 155 & 185 Compact Ventilation units are normally located in the loft or in a cupboard with connected duct running to all the rooms in a house. The unit has two fans, one to extract the damp, warm air from bathrooms and kitchens and one to bring in fresh air from outside.

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